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Process of family

Adoption Process

The adoption process in Panama is regulated through article 290 of the Family Code, modified by Law 18
of May 2, 2001.

NDM Law Firm & Associates initiates adoption proceedings through a formal request submitted to the
National Adoption Directorate, which details the desirethe reason for adopting, specifying the age
and sex of the minor to be adopted.

Marriage Capitulations

In matrimonial capitulations, those who grant it may stipulate, modifyreplace the Marriage Economic
Regime. This is important to clarify before the fact that when the marriage occurs, it produces legal
effects related to the rightsduties of both spouses, the Marriage Economic Regimeparental

Inheritance and Inheritance?

It is the act by which a person disposes after his death of all his goodspart of them.
The sequence can be testedintested. In the case of the tested succession all the heirs designated in the
will must be involved to begin the process. As far as intestate succession is concerned, it takes place when
a person diesdoes not leave a will designating his heirs. In the latter case, in order to be declared heir
it is important to prove the relationship with the deceased.

Domestic Violence (Law 38 of 2001)

In order to comply with the objectives established in the National Constitution of the Republic on family
protection, NDM Law Firm & Associates performs the procedure to enforce the Law that protects this

Paternity challenge

It is a matter related to filiationthrough this type of process the father refutesrejects the paternity
that is legally attributed, in order to prove that he is not the legitimate father of the childto request the
Family Court that through Civil Registry corroborate the corresponding birth certificate, in order to have
the paternity rights canceled.

The most important thing in these processes is the direct protection of the childadolescent involved,
trying to fulfill the obligations of the parents in spite of the situation that is being discussed.

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