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Incorporation of Corporations

In Panama, corporations are regulated by Law 32 of 1927 and offers great advantages to its shareholders, as it is a document that can be constituted by two people of any nationality even if they are not domiciled within the territory of the Republic of Panama, With the purpose of carrying out any lawful activity according to the Laws of the State.

The term for its constitution and subsequent registration in the Public Registry of Panama is four business days. The partners of NDM Law Firm & Associates , performed all the procedure requested by the client, reflecting in the social pact all those points that the owner of the company requests are contemplated, among which are the following: The name of the anonymous society; The objects to which the society will be dedicated; The capital stock that includes the amount and distribution of shares;

The duration of society, which is generally perpetual; The name and address of the directors and dignitaries of the company; The exact address of the company and the Resident Agent, who is the lawyer who signs the social agreement.


Incorporation of Offshore Companies

This type of taxation tool has many functions and advantages since they are generally used to facilitate trade in goods and services and to protect assets. Generally, Panamanian offshore companies adopt the legal form of corporations, which helps protect the identity of the holders, reinforcing the confidentiality levels of our clients.

Likewise, there is the possibility of transferring ownership of any type of asset to an offshore or an anonymous company.

Another of its benefits is that these companies can develop non-taxable activities in Panama, since our country uses a tax system based on the principle of territoriality, which evidently represents a significant saving in The payment of taxes.

Among the advantages we offer with the constitution of this type of company is that the client can open bank accounts and own property abroad without having to pay any tax in Panama for the possession of these goods in his name.


Incorporation of Private Interest Foundation

In Panama, Private Interest Foundations are regulated by Law 25 of 1995.

This instrument is generally used for the protection of assets and consists of the act by which a person donates an asset to achieve the purposes previously established in the founding act by the Foundation Council, formed by the Board of Directors, for the benefit of People called "beneficiaries".

This figure differs from the corporation, since it has no partners or shareholders and can not regularly engage in commercial activities, limiting itself to doing acts of commerce only on an accidental basis.

It is important to emphasize that the Foundation of Private Interest does not require government authorization, on the contrary, the Foundation Act must be registered and registered in the Public Registry of Panama.

The NDM Law firm & Associates firm performs all the procedure requested by the client, reflecting in the Founding Act all those parameters that the client requests, among which are: The name and headquarters of the Foundation; The objectives and purposes of the Foundation; The exact address of the board members; The use of assets in case of dissolution of the Foundation; The duration of the foundation which may be perpetual or not; Establish as minimum initial nominal capital the sum of B. 10,000.00; The name of the Legal Representative of the Foundation; And, generally, the Resident Agent is the firm of lawyers who endorse the Founding Act.

On the other hand, the founder can establish a regulation that will have a purely private character and where we will develop everything related to the benefits of the foundation. In this document, the founder can issue instructions regarding the administration of the foundational fund.

Introduction and Banking Services

NDM Law Firm& Associates advises you throughout the process and opening your companys bank account. We recommend banks with which from our experience will have greater facilities in their corporate management and with which we guarantee a full satisfaction for the benefits in their services.

Subsequently, we take care of collecting together with you all legal documents to proceed with the application to the respective financial institution. Another of the commitments of the firm is to take care of the follow-up during the process of opening bank account giving detailed reports during the course of the process until its completion.

In addition to the above, we manage bank licenses and carry out administrative procedures before the Superintendency of Banks.

Virtual Offices

We offer your company the guarantee of having the following facilities, without having to have a physical space in Panama: A real address, PO Box, as well as a telephone number where your customers can call and immediately a bilingual person, especially contracted To respond to calls from your company, will serve your respected client, giving you immediate notice, to proceed according to your instructions.

On the other hand, it will have the email service, that is, if the customer is outside the territory of the Republic or in a place where he can not answer or receive phone calls, immediately the person assigned to answer your calls, Will send you a message with the detail and information of who called you.

We offer you the most advanced technology in communication, with this service will serve your client under a purely corporate standard, and even, if requested the service of organization of agenda, meetings and reservations, likewise we gladly keep it at your disposal.

Elaboration of contracts of any kind, including promise of sale and final sale, construction, manufacture, leasing, promise of sale and final sale of shares, among others. The NDM Law Firm & Associates firm offers consulting services, prior review and preparation of all types of contracts.

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